Upcoming events

18th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 2010
3-7 May, 2010 Lyon, France
web: http://www.conference-biomass.com/

Past events

International Bioenergy Symposium (Public)
15-16 April, 2010 Brussels

Christopher Prins, Future availability of wood for energy and other purposes in Europe: methods, results, policies (download)
Berien Elbersen, Approaches to assess the agricultural biomass potential for energetic use at European level (download)
Ralph Overend, Biomass Resource Assessment and Analysis Activities at NREL (download)
Luis Esteban, BIORAISE: A GIS tool for biomass resources assessment in Southern Europe (download)
Uwe Fritsche & Calliope Panoutsou, BIOMASS FUTURES: ‘Availability of sustainable biomass: demand & supply issues’ (download)
Orjeta Jaupaj & Bashkim Lushaj, Albania: General status of biomass & national initiatives (download)
Balazs Bodo, Classification of European Biomass Potential for Bioenergy Using Terrestrial and Earth Observations (download)
Uwe, Ballhorn, Short Introduction to Remote Sensing and it‘s Usability for CEUBIOM (download)
Manuela Hirschmugl, Harmonized Assessment of Biomass Potential for Energy: Method development (download)
Matthias Dees, Biomass Energy Europe: BEE Project Overview (download)
Edward Smeets, Analysis of Existing Biomass Resource Assessments (download)
Martjin Vis, Biomass Energy Europe: Analysis of Existing Biomass Resource Assessments (download)

Interim meeting (Project partners only)
13-14 April, 2010 Brussels
CEUBIOM work meeting WP4 – Shaping the harmonized approach
12-13 October, 2009 Graz, Austria
Progress meeting (Project partners only)
19 June, 2009 Chania, Chrete, Greece
Progress meeting (Project partners only)
30-31 March, 2009 Budapest, Hungary
Joint Public session with BEE consortium partners (Public)
31 March, 2009 Budapest, Hungary
The European Commission supports two projects that work towards the development of harmonised approaches in biomass resource assessment. First results from the two projects together with an initial approach to the harmonised methods were presented in Budapest Hungary. The Event was open to third parties and experts from all over Europe.

Presentations for related projects:
AQUATERRE (download)
BEN (download)
BioEnerGIS (download)
Make_it_be (download)
RISE Project (download)

Progress meeting (Project partners only)
22 January, 2009 Graz, Austria
Interim meeting (Project partners only)
9 September, 2008 Sibenik, Croatia
Joint Public session with BEE consortium partners (Public)
13 March, 2008 Freiburg, Germany
The two projects with objectives were introduced to the invited guests. Plenary discussions on CEUBIOM/BEE cooperation and overall strategies.
Kick-off meeting (Project partners only)
13-14 March, 2008 Freiburg, Germany