which focuses on the harmonisation of biomass resource assessment for bioenergy purposes in Europe.

Related projects

BEE, Biomass Energy Europe:

AQUATERRE, Integrated European Network for Biomass and Waste
Reutilisation for Bioproducts:

EUBIONET II, Efficient trading of biomass fuels and analysis of fuel
supply chains and business models for market actors by networking:

PHYDADES, Phyllis Database Dissemination, Education and Standardization
- project aimed at providing public and reliable information on biomass
fuels and biomass ashes:

BioNorm 2, Pre-normative research on solid biofuels for improved
European standards:

BEN, Biomass energy register for sustainable site development for
European Regions:

BioEnerGIS, intends to provide an instrument helping decision makers to
plan, on a regional scale, a sustainable exploitation of biomass:

Make_it_be, Decision making and implementaition tools for delivery of
local and regional bio-energy chains:

Related organisations

FAO, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations:

UNECE/FAO, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Timber
Committee & FAO European Forestry Commission:

IEA, International Energy Agency:

IEA Bioenergy:

EEA, European Environment Agency:

WEC, World Energy Council:

EFI, European Forestry Institute:

BERG, BioEnergy Research Group at Aston University: